hi back again with me, we will discuss vtube again.

Lately, in Indonesia, it has been found that many have opened online gambling sites in this Indonesian homeland. not only online gambling, but online loans or loans are also affected. here I will give a little story where vtube is very dangerous.

From the description of a loan officer where they use thousands to millions of cards to send SMS or terrorize borrowers. why do i say vtube is very dangerous. It's not just Vtube, all applications that register using ID and Family Cards are very dangerous, why do I say it's very dangerous.

From the special pinjol, which was recently raided in Indonesia and a pinjol employee explained that using cards of thousands to millions to operate and of course to eliminate traces, you should not use the card for too long. and from the conversation of a reporter who asked where the cards came from. The clerk didn't know. because the card is given from his superior who has registered directly.


Let's go back to Vtube

Vtube is an application that makes money easily and to register you have to register using an ID card and family card for one registration.
I predict Vtube has malicious plans for its users.

For those of you vtube players, you may already know how to play, but for new players they are still confused. I said stop register vtube because it's very dangerous.

God created 2 hands to hit each other and created a brain to think. God gave it all for you but you are still thinking of ways to make easy money. The ending is getting harder :p

Well I will give a strong logical thought.

From the typical Pinjol above, a Pinjol company must use millions of registered active cards. Where did the card come from?

By the way, why does a pinjol have to use a lot of cards? usually the card that has been used will be discarded, it may be used for 3 - 1 week after it is discarded.

From the video, we see that the electronic goods used are very small and from abroad. It is also seen that 1 machine can run hundreds to thousands of active cards. i will take 100 cards/machine huh
So 1 machine uses 100 cards then 10 machines need 1000 cards / 3 days. usually every crime that is not official will always leave the trail. like a card that is afraid to be tracked so throw it away.

Then where can the pinjol activate that many cards?.
1 ID card and 1 family card can only register a maximum of 4 cards. so to register 1000 cards then 1000/4 = 250 sets of ktp and kk. Where does it come from?.

Well I will give the most logical theory, do you know vtube. To register for Vtube, you need an ID and Family Card. Well, from here you understand quickly, don't you.
Currently, many applications such as vtube are popping up. Applications similar to vtube pop up, meaning that the data to activate the card is still lacking and requires a lot more. So my advice. Never play something using your personal data, remember that data can be used for more cruel crimes ^.^

In fact, this pinjol is more cruel than playing online gambling. Online gambling never forces you to play, and never asks for data such as ID cards and family cards. so use your mind. And don't be stupid ^.^ , remember don't be tempted by the easy stuff, it's easy to end up in the cell heheheh.

So for those of you who play vtube or who still haven't registered. I said don't come, because the card that was terrorized by borrowing could use your ID and KK data. so watch out. Finding money is difficult, not like turning the palm of a friend's hand. working with a sweat that's the real payoff.